Designer Rex Todd Rogers to Open Store and Studio in Downtown Fenton

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February 2013       Issue 2.7
Rex Todd Rogers Studio 

Interior Designer Rex Todd Rogers had his eye on the property at 106 W Shiawassee, for over two years. When he was ready to open his business, Rex Todd Rogers Design Studio, the former residence of Judge Leroy was the perfect location.

“I had heard the city owned the property and wanted to tear it down and build a three-story building in its place. I wondered why they would want to tear down such a great building? It had great bones,” says Rogers.

Rogers knew that he could renovate the space, both inside and out, and bring his vision of a design store to life. He was able to convince the city, and went right to work. Now, he’s just a couple of months from completion.

The exterior porch was redone, and new grass, a garden, and a sitting area were all added. Rogers thinks of the space as the “outdoor living room”, because it is so inviting, and showcases his landscape design work for the Fenton community.

The interior space is meant to feel light and lofty. The narrow hallways and small rooms were opened up by tearing down walls, adding large windows, and restoring the original hardwood floors. Sitting areas with mid-Century furnishings, local art and decorative plants and pots make the space inviting and comfortable.

Rex Todd Rogers strategically placed his office in the back, but directly in line with the front doors, so that he can see when customers come and go. Hearing impaired since birth, Rogers says he has learned to depend on his sense of sight in everything he does.

“I see space differently than most people, and can visualize more deeply since I cannot hear,” says Rogers. “I can see details in a room that most people don’t see”.

Roger’s first interior design job was at the early age of 14. A neighbor wanted to change the living space in her home, and was struggling to do it. Rex Todd gave the neighbor different options, and she loved the ideas. Rogers was a happy to have made $100 on that first job, and the neighbor was very happy with the results!

Rogers wasn’t always certain he wanted to pursue interior design as a career, though. He went to college locally, but felt he may want to become a civil rights attorney for the hearing impaired. He moved to Washington D.C. and worked in the mental health field, but was continuously drawn to do interior design.

Rogers had lost his father earlier in his life, and relied on his spirit to help guide him in the right direction. “My father had always told me to not let being deaf get in the way of what I wanted out of life. He gave me a sign that I should pursue interior design,” said Rogers.

Rogers wanted to pursue work in New York City. A large design firm contacted him and he was a front runner for a position. In the end he didn’t get hired, but was encouraged that they liked his work. It was then that Rogers decided to pursue his own business in Fenton.

His first client in the area is one he still does work for eight years later. The owner of a farmhouse in Holly, MI area, struggled to arrange and decorate the dining area. Rogers suggested the Victorian styling, and the homeowner loved the idea. Rogers went on to design new bedroom and kitchen spaces for the home as well.

Rogers also has works for clients in Milford, MI.

Rogers is pleased to have a local custom furniture maker and artists whom he works with to create interior and exterior home furnishings. He travels to find unique furniture pieces from other areas in Michigan, Pennsylvania, VA and the east coast..

Rex Todd Rogers is excited to have his store opening soon. He will have support staff to assist him, but in the meantime is taking appointments to help new clients with their design projects. Visit his studio Facebook page at You can connect with Rex Todd Rogers at

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