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March 2012          Issue 1.6
Fenton Be Closer Logo 320
What's It All About?

Have you ever wondered about the background on the Fenton Be Closer logo?  Well, it all started with a brand study conducted to help learn about Fenton. The results showed that Fenton is a solid place to raise a family, with excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, active residents, and a strong sense of community.
It also confirmed that Fenton is close to lakes, close to all of your everyday shopping needs and centrally located to freeways and other major metropolitan areas. It has a great start to a thriving downtown district which plans to grow, and great community events like the Freedom Festival, Jinglefest, Apple Fest and Taste of Fenton.

So, it was time to design a logo that represented Fenton. Due to Fenton's family friendliness, research for the family crest of Fenton revealed four Fleur de Lis! If you look closely, you will see that the fleur de lis in the logo is a stylized lily made of the letter “F”, representing Fenton. The “F’s” are back to back with a drop symbolizing water at the top and the bottom is representative of the Saarinen influence of “freeform” (like his famous tulip chair and the fluted wayfinding signs). Saarinen was one of the architects who designed the Fenton Community Center, a hub of activity in the center of Fenton! White in the design symbolizes purity, which represents how genuine the Fenton community is. The lily is also symbolic of rebirth or renaissance, which Fenton is going through right now! The blue and teal colors from nature match the wayfinding color scheme and are symbolic of the lakes and water surrounding Fenton. The Fleur de Lis is also reminiscent of the very top of the community gazebo.

Be closer...to fulfilling the need for what matters most, like family friends and local merchants in Fenton!

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