Fenton, The Beautiful

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November 2012       Issue 2.4

Fenton, The Beautiful

Cherie Smith 

Hopefully, this last summer, you enjoyed the pleasure of taking a leisurely stroll around downtown Fenton. After all, isn’t that one of the best perks to have when you live in a lovely small town.

Most likely you would have taken your walk on one of the cooler evenings since Fenton and the surrounding area experienced the heat wave of the century.

If you happened to walk in between Billmeier Camera Store and Crust Bakery, the flowerpots and window boxes there were just overwhelming with spectacular plantings! Colors and textures abounded along with the most unusual specimens, some of which you might have never seen before. Then, taking a closer look, one would notice these plantings all around town!

Who makes all this happen, you wonder, and how do they do it, especially during the kind of summer everyone experienced this year.

Introducing The Fenton Beautification Commission!

The mayor, with the approval of the City Council, chooses 9 members for the Beautification Commission.

Their Purpose: To pursue and maintain beauty and strive for aesthetically pleasing surroundings in the city, in the following manner:

· By promoting public education against the discarding of litter in our streets, alleys, sidewalks, gutters, parks and other recreational areas or similar public places

· By enlisting the active support of interested individuals, business, industry, the schools and civic organizations

· By encouraging developers, absentee owners, homeowners, tenants and businessmen to accept basic responsibilities for preserving and enhancing the beauty of public and private places

· To sponsor, plan and promote special spring and fall fix-up, paint-up, and cleanup campaigns

· To investigate, study and recommend plans for improving the general health, sanitation, safety and cleanliness of the city

· To encourage the placing, planting and preservation of trees, flowers and shrubbery and to sponsor and promote Arbor Week

· To sponsor a program of general improvement of appearance of all properties in the City

Currently, just 5 members serve Fenton. But they hope to gain 4 more community minded members very soon! Cherie Smith, the Beautification Chair, has served faithfully for almost 14 years and has enjoyed some wonderfully close friendships because of it.

Cherie mentions, “Beautification isn’t a one person show, we love to brainstorm and build on each other’s ideas. We especially like to improve an area for people to enjoy!”

As you can see, improving an area involves so much more than you think. Being closer together and helping each other in a community is part of what makes it great! It’s part of what makes Fenton such a wonderful place to live. The Fenton area is rich with people that believe in giving back. In fact, when Cherie was asked what made her want to give of herself, she related a little about her childhood in her home growing up. “My dad felt you didn’t just live someplace, rather, you helped to make that the best place it could be by participating in your community and church and by helping your neighbors.” Then she added, “My mom took meals to friends who were sick or had a loved one die. We always helped people we heard of, who were in need.” She recalls, “I thought that was what everyone did!”

And, it isn’t just about flowers. Each season brings with it new décor! Many spouses don’t realize while they’re giving their wife a lift to her next meeting that they are also working that day to install the fall décor and make Fenton more festive, fun, and beautiful! The Beautification Commission hopes you enjoyed the cornstalks and scarecrows along Shiawassee and S. Leroy Street this past season! The husbands unknowingly helped!

The spirit of ‘making home a better place’ shows up everywhere in Fenton! In the weeks ahead this series will bring to light the many remarkable projects that have been completed in the past and the many fabulous projects already in the works for the future. The series will also highlight behind the scenes action that supports major projects like the coming Streetscape, North Leroy, and the new Fenton Fire Hall!

Along with the projects, old and new, the series will highlight many of the people involved with beautification on a continuing basis and how they came to be involved.

Look for the Beautification Commission members giving out more than 500 free cups of delicious hot cocoa to all the Fenton residents, when you attend Jinglefest on December 1st. Who says a warm tummy isn’t beautiful on a cold night in December?

For more information visit cityoffenton.org/board/2

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