Fenton the Beautiful, Part II. Partnering Up with the Beautification Commission

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December 2012       Issue 2.5

Whenever the home team wins a big game, EVERYONE gets excited, right? What if there were no teams, just individuals that could win? Would everyone feel excited then? Probably not! Probably only one person would feel really good. Isn’t it way more fun when you are part of a team and are all striving for the same goal? That’s just what Fenton is all about!

Every time some of the various Fenton organizations and merchants partner up, you can feel pretty sure that the end product will be ‘Sweet Success’. Let’s look at a few instances of partnerships working together to make Fenton as great as it is and getting better all the time!

The Beautification Commission especially loves to partner up with other groups in Fenton! Take for instance the time Uncle Ray’s Dairyland and the Beautification Commission worked together to sell ice cream at the Fenton Concerts in the Park and the Farmer’s Market for 3 summers running. They raised almost $3800 for a future Veteran’s Memorial and had happy hearts all around! Realizing that result, the Beautification Commission Chair Person, Cherie Smith, resounded with, “I love what I’m doing!!!”

Just a week or so ago, residents enjoyed Jinglefest put on by the joint effort of the City of Fenton, Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Development Authority, Southern Lakes Parks & Recreation, various sponsor’s, and the Beautification Commission! Besides the spectacular, lighted parade, vibrant marching band, Christmas tree, and this year’s fireworks, did you remember to get the kids a picture with Santa – no charge? How about that delicious, chocolate, hot cup of cocoa, yummmmmm, outside City Hall – no charge? And don’t forget the doughnut holes and fresh cider given out to hundreds of kids at the Community Center. The members of the Beautification Commission and their spouses look forward to giving out these great treats to the Fenton Community – every year!

And do you remember the very first Fenton Farmers Market? The Southern Lakes Parks and Recreation Department (SLPR) asked the Beautification Commission to help launch it for the first time. As loyal partners, they rallied every week directing vendors to their spaces, passing out specially printed vendor bags, manning the raffle table, and then, announcing the winner! One Beautification member recalls, “It was just the help the SLPR needed!” The Fenton Farmer’s Market continues to thrive as a much-anticipated event every summer.

A few years ago, fall was right around the corner when the Beautification Commission partnered up with the Fenton Regional Chamber of Commerce. They had an idea, probably hatched at one of their brainstorming sessions, to sponsor a Scarecrow Contest for businesses in Fenton. They took this idea and launched the first contest along with the Chamber. The unique part of it required that each scarecrow should look like whatever the particular business was all about. The Fenton Businesses took to it like a hot biscuit to butter! Today, the Chamber still promotes the contest, which has evolved into a fun and friendly competition between the area businesses. This year you could see among others, a scarecrow - waiter, financial planner, furniture salesman, and chiropractor!

Next up for this really active Beautification Commission is their partnership with the newly formed North Leroy Business District! What a great opportunity for Fenton to be closer to each other as they work together to improve a distinct area of the City. Not only will the improvements look wonderful and improve business for the existing merchants, but they will also attract new people and encourage new business! Fenton residents will profit by the enhanced structures of the business district with higher property values. It all works for the better when Fenton works together! One would have to admit that the Beautification Commission has always played and always will play a pretty big role when it comes to helping to make your hometown the best it can be!

Further down the road, the brand new Fenton Fire Hall Restaurant comes to town bringing lots of Union Joints’ fans along with it. The Beautification Commission, for their part, wants to ensure the walking areas in town look great! Then, further on, Fenton plans much more infrastructure improvement in the downtown area! Wow!!!!! So many great things are happening!

Just email info@newmoonvisions.net if you can’t wait to be a part of this vibrant group!

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