Fenton The Beautifull Part IV

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February 2013       Issue 2.7

Fenton Beautification Commission Invites New Members

Flowers on bridge 

Spring is only a moment away and soon Fenton will see the beautiful flower boxes on the bridge, and all throughout town, overflowing with blooms again! You might say to yourself, “I feel so lucky to live in Fenton where I can see an effort to take care of everything so well, especially the landscape!” You are 100% correct; there is an effort! Would you be surprised to learn that a very small group of people, actually five women currently, plant, tend and water the wonderful landscapes in Fenton every year? Would you feel amazed to learn that these people are not City employees?

Say hello to the Fenton Beautification Commission. The membership allows for a nine-member, Mayor appointed panel, but currently only 5 women serve. The team declares, “We are excited for the series to come out so people will know that all this is being done by volunteers, not employees. We would really like to have a full commission again. The men are especially encouraged to join. We have had men on the team previously and it gives all of us a more unified perspective. The men show a healthy focus on the different tasks and think about the dynamics of getting to the end result. The women tend to see the beauty first and then help to implement the various tasks. All in all, it makes for a wonderful experience and truly long-lasting friendships. If you feel attracted to this commission, all you need to have is a little extra time once in a while. You need to love people, especially the ones in your own community. You need to have a heart bigger than a house and you need to love having fun with people of a common purpose."

Here’s a description of the type of personality it takes; enjoys working hard and is truly hands-on, loves teamwork, brainstorming and design, enjoys getting a bit dirty, and enjoys laughing a lot throughout an entire job. Again the team offers, “I guess we wouldn’t call it a glamorous job, but it is so wonderfully satisfying! We love what we do!”

Can you recall anything like this happening in your childhood days? Did you ever experience a time when all of the fathers on your street would get together to build the kids a ball diamond, or a playground? They understood the value of their time and spent it in the best way they could – loving and providing good clean fun and exercise for their children and their children’s friends. And the wives helped to run the Cub Scouts and Brownie Troops. They gave their precious time to help build character in their children.

That is the same spirit that resides in every Beautification Commission member. Each of them wants to give you a feeling of pleasure from the beauty they create in your neighborhood. Each of these members strives to build community in the place they love and call home, Downtown Fenton. An action as small as picking up a piece of trash and putting it in the trash barrel is an action of love for Fenton, your hometown. You can only imagine how lovely it is when everyone does that. Most certainly, those outside of your community recognize it and want to be a part of it. A well cared for community is one of the top items that attract new residents and new business. Be closer... to community fun, and enjoy being a part of the healthy growth in Fenton!

The Beautification Commission would like to appoint people with a love for their hometown and nature to the group. They also welcome younger people to think about contributing to their community. Please call Cherie at 810-750-1708 for more information.

*Photo by Carmela Stocker Photography

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