Fentons Open Book Turns the Page and Continues the Story

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October 2012       Issue 2.3
Fentons Open Book 

Chapter One – Lose a Corporate Business
Chapter Two – Gain a Favorite Home Town Store!

When the Little Professor Bookstore in Downtown Fenton decided to close up business in mid 2010, Karen Piacentini, who had worked for them for 7 years, felt that Fenton needed a bookstore. So, she and her husband Mike started Fenton’s Open Book in August of the same year and in the very same place, 105 W. Shiawassee Avenue.

It seems like Fenton feels the same about needing a bookstore because as Karen remarked, “People come in and thank us for being here and for the great selection we have!” Whenever you stop in, you will always find the happy owners and staff, enjoying what they do. In fact, if you stop in early, you might catch Carol Beck, one of the staff, at work registering the new books, beaming with a look of happiness and contentment. Carol says, “This job is so different from the 37 years I spent as a banker. I enjoy every minute! We all really like it.”  The gentle and positive vibe is infectious and explains why it’s one of the most warm and welcoming bookstores you will ever find.

From early on Karen loved to read and worked around books, from the school and community library to retail bookstores. So consequently, she has experienced the entire literary spectrum - from textbooks to children’s fairy tales, and from the latest trends to the most important, what her community wants to read! Along with Karen, everyone in the shop reads and helps to recommend the best novels out there! So, you can find more than a vast knowledge of the literary world, close to you, right downtown.

Karen works as a Para Pro in the schools and has a first hand knowledge of the local educational vision. Therefore, special attention is paid to teachers and the resources they need as well as the home ‘schoolers’ and district schools.

The discounts are most helpful also! Have you ever seen the latest item just out, in any category, on sale in a store? Karen gives 25% off of the New York Times Top 10 Best Sellers all of the time! That is a great bargain!

Many times Mike is putting up new shelves or racks or adjusting the lighting so it seems like home. But even with this casual, cozy atmosphere, the service is faster than you'd expect... Karen adds, “We can get anything you want to read within about a day or so.” That really gives Fenton the opportunity to support their local business instead of an online store. Karen and Mike keep a more than ample variety of gift options on hand also! Just to keep it interesting, you can find such things as calendars, cards, book lights and even earrings!

The store is truly one of the gems of yesteryear with a whole bunch of the good stuff of today! There is nothing like a small town bookstore to take away the stress of modern life. Stop in just for the pleasure of it, and become part of the story.

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