Holiday Inn Express Employs Locals to Welcome the World to Fenton

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January  2012          Issue 1.5
When visitors come to Fenton from across the state, the nation, and even from all around the world, they don’t just get a warm bed and a great breakfast when they stay at Silver Parkway’s Holiday Inn Express – they get the real flavor of Fenton for their entire stay.

“Living in Fenton all my life, I thought working at the Holiday Inn would be fun,” says 12-year employee Pat Roux. “I started six weeks before they opened and I’ve been enjoying it every since.”

Roux isn’t alone. Fourteen of the hotel’s 18 staff members live in Fenton, making the place a truly local establishment – just what Nate and Sunny Patel intended when they decided to open their hotel in Fenton more than a decade ago.

“We pretty much decided to hire locally,” says Sunny Patel. “Everyone here has been great and they have stayed with us.”

Six of the hotel’s employees have been with the business since they opened. In an industry that sees a lot of turnover, the local employees’ commitment to the Holiday Inn Express says a lot about the hotel, as well as the kind of warm, family environment created by the long-term staff.

Some visitors stay at the Fenton Holiday Inn Express year after year, just for that reason. Roux recounts a story of a group from South Carolina who stumbled upon the hotel on their way to a regular snowmobiling trip up north several years ago. Now they make a point to stay in Fenton no matter where in Michigan they’re traveling.

“He always says, ‘Hi Miss Pat, it’s me again.’”

Her experience welcoming visitors to Fenton has not only been a joy in that she gets to share her home with others, but Roux sites the excitement of hearing how much newcomers love the city.

“A lot people compliment us on how much they like Fenton,” she says. “Because I've lived in Fenton my whole life, sometimes I forget all we have here. People say Fenton is really friendly, they love the Parkway, and they love Lucky’s Steakhouse right next door.”

While most of these compliments occur face-to-face, many visitors to the Holiday Inn Express in Fenton are so taken with the city and the hotel, that they write thank you letters to the staff.

Writes one traveler:

"I have traveled to twenty countries, Alaska, Hawaii and most of the United States and was so impressed with the cleanliness of your rooms and halls. Your help was very pleasant and went out of their way to make our stay really great.”

Patel shuffles through a whole stack of recent letters, all covered in praise for Fenton.

“It’s so nice that they say these things,” he says, “but also that they take the time to write.”

To learn more about the Holiday Inn Express Fenton and how you or your out-of-town guests can experience the hometown Fenton friendliness of their local staff, visit:

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