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Fenton DDA Teams Up with Local Designer to Bring New Business Downtown

Fenton DDA Teams Up with Local Designer to Bring New Business Downtown


FENTON, MI - Downtown Fenton isn’t just getting a new business - it’s getting a center for design that will bring a new sense of beauty to Shiawassee Avenue. Thanks to an agreement between the Downtown Development Authority and interior designer Rex Todd Rogers, the now vacant building at 106 W. Shiawassee Ave. will be receiving some upgrades.


“Not only will the building be brought up to code and made handicap accessible, I will also feature unique and antique furniture and fixtures as well as modern, contemporary pieces,” says Rogers. “I have designed a garden setting for the property that includes a pergola and sitting areas. It will be beautiful.” 


The Rex Todd Rogers Design Studio is set to become the newest Downtown Fenton business. Rogers comes from a family with a long history in Fenton, and after living and working in the D.C. area for the last eight years, he’s decided to bring his talents back home. 


“My work is unique because of the passion that I bring to every job,” he says. “I see the details that others do not see. I get to know my clients and design their space around what they love.  But I always challenge my clients to look at their world in a new way, and take risks.”


Rogers knows a lot about beauty. His career in design work began when he completed his first paid project at age 14. His eye for art and design has grown with his career, and now, his hometown of Fenton will be the benefactor of its fruits.


“I want to create beauty where we live,” Rogers says. “I see potential in Fenton. Business is growing here, and I want to help attract new upscale business to our city.”


In the process, Rogers plans to grow his own business as well. He hopes to Rex Todd Rogers Design Studio will allow him to expand his own furniture line, work with local artists and potentially, take on an associate. The studio is scheduled to open within three to six months.


Fenton DDA Teams Up with Local Designer to Bring New Business Downtown
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