Speadi App uses Fenton as Nationwide Launch Pad

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June  2012          Issue 2.0
On June 23rd the new Speadi App started its nationwide launch in Fenton, MI. Founders Michael Jaschke, Camilla Denison and local dentist Dr. Bo Shumaker have been working for many months to bring the app to fruition.

The app is deal meets gamification. Here’s how it works. Download the Speadi app on your smartphone (it's free!). When a deal hits, if you respond, you are coined a “Runner” and play against others to get the best deal. As a Runner, the object is to get to the deal as fast as possible. Runners can track the race in real time, as well as share the deal on their social networking site. The app also maintains a leader board showing Runners who are the fastest in their city, state or country.

The app is for anyone who enjoys deals and gaming as well. When obtaining the app, you are able to control what deals will come to you, unlike the daily deal sites that send you EVERY deal. Speadi is focused on people who like to shop local and support their community.

Retailers, or Sponsors, pay $9.99 for each featured deal. Unlike Groupon, this flat fee entices Sponsors to try different deals to different groups at different times. The deals are for short periods of time, making getting the deal and playing the game all the more fun. Sponsors control every aspect of their promotion such as when it is, how many deals there are, where the deals are, and the profile of their target customer.

The Speadi App launched June 23, 2012 with the Fenton area VG’s supermarket at 18005 Silver Parkway. VG’s hopes to use the app to offer great deals and create an outstanding loyalty program for their customers. The app helps business shape demand in real time, define what goods and services are desirable and track and understand their audiences. 

To find out more about Speadi contact Speadi at 1-877-768-3343, or visit www.speadi.com.
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